Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Moving day!

The aircraft finally moved to Fairoaks today.  Hassle-free fortunately and with many thanks to Jon and Dave for their time and to Dave for supplying the trailer and his Landrover.

First the fuselage.  As you may notice, the aircraft wheelbase is slightly wider than the trailer bed, making for interesting loading!  It worked fine with some sheets of plywood I had lying around.   Dave had brought an extra ramp with the trailer so that sorted the nose-wheel.  It got the attention of the neighbours and plenty of looks as we drove to the airfield.

 Arrival at Fairoaks - just got to negotiate the air side gate.

Second trip - this time the wings and horizontal stabiliser.  I hadn't considered using the wing rack for transport as I only made it for easy storage and rolling around the garage.  With one extra brace and well secured with straps it did the job fine.  The stabilator is on the bed of the trailer beneath the wings and wrapped in garden chair cushions and a blanket!

 Wings on their way.

 I made another trip by car to deliver the fin and rudder along with tools and boxes of parts.  Then immediately on to assembly with the empennage.

End of the day, with the RV12 in it's proper home and starting to look like a complete aircraft.  I have the anti-servo tab to install and then to connect the trim servo, rudder and elevator cables and do the rigging and tensions.  

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